Because the World Needs More: Now Hereness; or How I Awesomed Up My Life by Disconnecting from the Electronic Circus

I have to tell you that I’ve stopped using facebook, twitter, and social media in general. Okay, I confess that occasionally I will return to the electronic circus of social media to dip a toe. But no more than a toe. I can’t handle it; the water is too cold and stagnant. Really, y’all tell me if this resonates with you, I think it’s the medium (Marshall McLuhan, anyone?). It’s just not very social. Unless your idea of socialization is, well, how can I put this, flat like a screen.

Not that I’m a social skills ninja or anything. I’m as awkward as an under-ripe plum in a beardless pirate’s icebox, sailing the seas, seeing the sights. Okay, that’s a weird metaphor. But you see what I’m getting at.

The point is that because I’m no longer plugged into the electrostatic buzz of what’s happening everywhere all at once, I’m able to tune deeply in to what’s happening in the now here. This way I generate more time to do cool stuff, like learn, learn how to brew kombucha and sun tea, how to press my own essential oils, how to properly prime a canvas. I have more time to listen to music and dance, to create my own music and plunge into deep sessions of binaural beats and plant seedlings and watch and listen to the birds.

But what about Trump, you ask. Or maybe you don’t and that’s a non-sequitur. Or maybe you see how in my list of chosen activities that I am engaging in during my new abundance of now here time, I’m not investing my energy into the Resistance.

star wars rebel resistance

That’s true. Look, I don’t think that our galaxy is the same one that Star Wars takes place in. And I think that was pretty clearly laid out in the opening crawl of Episode IV: A New Hope.

I digress, kind of. And don’t get me wrong, I love Star Wars as much as the next kidult, and I’m interested in growing a new society. I’m interested in rooting down into the place that the winds of post-industrial post-modern information-overdrive society have drifted me to, rooting down and shining a pulsing rainbow light. Too woo-woo? Too New Age? Too many drugs back in the day?



I’m here living one wonderful, unique life. Whether I recognize that and actualize that gift from the divine is up to me. I’ve found that I work best when I generate and surround myself with positive energy, and I’ve found that I’m extremely sensitive to the energy of other people and also the collective energy generated by a society that’s been programmed to receive truth from outside. And of course I was programmed also to receive truth from outside; it’s a very old, very tired, and very essential piece of the society that you see crumbling all around you. The honest-to-Ganesha truth is that I don’t need to resist the old paradigm. It’s decaying.

I’m about to say something that might strike you as weak. It’s this: We don’t need a mass movement of people smashing their heads, hearts, and hands against the cartoonish excesses of a rusted machine that thinks a new coat of paint and a load of coal, guns, repression, and cold hard cash will make it shine and alive again. That machine is gone baby gone. What’s left is the moments, many of them, many instances all over the funky space-time continuum that is planet Earth, moments that are alive and rich with beauty moving in a spontaneous generation of possibility.

Enough wax, wax, waxing poetic. I just wanted to share a little piece of what I’m living these days. I hope you also are feeling empowered to live the life you want to live for yourself, your family and friends, the neighborhood, your locality and bioregion, the plants and animals and minerals and earth, air, fire, water, spirit that sustains you and me.

Come on, come out, and let’s have a good day and a good tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Because the World Needs More: Now Hereness; or How I Awesomed Up My Life by Disconnecting from the Electronic Circus

    1. I think I’ve told you before that I find it incredibly overstimulating–so many people and events displayed on one screen, so much “happening”, and yet… it’s just a screen. It’s odd, really. So yeah, I feel like opting out is the best approach for me. I find I can’t even use it very well like a tool, with a task in mind, because I get too distracted too easily. Social media really activates the latent ADHD and compulsive-addictive bits in me. Nah, I’ll skip it.

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  1. I completely agree! I think some people post so many “happy” photos with the hope of creating a “perfect” life for others to view. You are right, it’s just a screen. It’s not real life! I too, get distracted, overstimulated, and overwhelmed easily. Shawn removed his FB account during the elections because he was so disgusted with all of the fighting, etc. He still does not have a FB account and just commented last night that he is glad to not be plugged-in to that world. Honestly, I’ve been thinking about removing my account as well. We have Instagram and Twitter accounts. I really like Instagram. Erika has one too. For some reason, Instagram doesn’t seem as overwhelming to me. Not sure why, but it is less overwhelming. I rarely get on Twitter, unless there is something “intellectual” or world news I want to research/look into.

    I hope you’re having a great weekend. I’ll get the boy’s LATE birthday card/gifts out this week. So sorry, I’ve gotten really bad about cards and timeliness. However, their 5th birthday is a BIG deal! I can’t believe they are 5! WE would like to get them gifts. What do you suggest? I didn’t renew their magazine subscription from Christmas 2015. Is that something that they enjoyed? Please accept my apology for not being on top of dates, etc. As I get older, staying on top of dates, cards, etc. is challenging for whatever reason.

    I’m really enjoying my job. It’s rewarding and fun, but exhausting at the end of the day. My energy level is almost back to normal after hip surgery. The anesthesia caused fatigue until February and brain fog up until last August or September. However, within the last few months, I’ve started to feel less exhausted. I’m able to swim a mile or more at a time. Today I swam 2025 meters which is 1.25 miles.

    Have a great Sunday!




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