Sketches, Here’s One and It’s Rough, Dig it

Gone Too Far

I have this thing that I do. I start things. I start things and then I set them free. I set them free, let them go, neglect them. It’s a thing I do with creative projects.

Anyway, I had and still have plans for this site. I don’t think it’s neglect. I’m in the moment… the moment is unpredictable and plans get shifted. But I’m here.

It’s just a website. I’ve been working. I, I, I. How are you?

Images are flowing this year. No time right now to update the site the way I’d planned. And that is okie dokie.

Here’s a little sketch I did, one of many. One of my plans, one of my moments… so many plans, so many moments, so many projects, all incubating and growing little lives, big lives, cultures of their own. And how are you? Year’s a little wonky, isn’t it? So far? How is this moment?


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