Out There: Bunches of Sketches

I don’t know if it’s the power of the waxing moon or if I’m just in a particular period of awesome–probably both and a few other variables, like the 40 degree drop in temperature we experienced over 24 hours this week (but climate change is not real) and I totally digress–but I’ve been producing a lot of art lately. I’ve been happy to rediscover Tony DiTerlizzi’s work and am now fascinated by the Realms retrospective of his role-playing game illustrations.

I’ve been delving into some world-building. Here are a few sketches from recently and not-so-recently that may or may not be related to a concept that I’m playing around with set about 2000 years in the future when humanity is terraforming uninhabitable planets throughout the Milky Way with magical-technical-artistic cocktails of stuff launched at said planets. But in this particular imagining of our future, there’s also faeries and wizards and disturbed elemental beings, and at least one 200 year-old cyborg noir detective. Corporate states and neo-feudal societies reside in the same galaxy as angelic realms and collapsed industrial magiocracies. In a word, it’s out there. Here’s a taste.

Gaian Witch Heals
Who’s There?


Character Sketches

Yes, that’s a pregnant faerie. Don’t worry, I sketched her before Beyonce dropped her photo album.

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