Because the World Needs More: Beaked Rainbow Bug Faeries

His life began like many, or few, others–just a pile of colors on the floor. But at least the colors were organized.


He generated himself by the power of himself; he became himself, and beheld himself, and behold! he was awesome.


Again: behold! he was awesome.


He saw a tree. He wanted to climb the tree. So he did.


Then he found some coffee. He thought, “What’s this? A cup of coffee as big as I am? THAT’S GREEEEEAAAAAAT!”


He thought, “I need a straw to drink this coffee.” He said, “Let there be a straw.” And there was a straw. And he drank of the coffee. And it was caffeinated, and delicious, and it was good. And so he said, “Coffee is GOOOOOOOD!!”


And then he had to go to the disco. Because caffeine.


And then he saw the news. And lo, the news was bad. And damn, there was a lot of bad news. And though the news was bad, he did not despair. No! He made a sign and returned to the tree, and at the tree with his sign he also wore his power necklace.


And he said, “Despite the bad news, life is beautiful and I am good. And now that I think about it, it’s not only freedom that I desire for all beings, but there’s more.” And so he made more signs, and he called these words his core values, and he lived them.



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